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Pod HD 500x Capabilities?

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Hi all,


I'm thinking of buying a POD HD 500x, but want to know a little bit more about the capabilities it has.

Sorry if these are dumb questions - I haven't been able to find answers anywhere else.



Does the POD HD500x have any backing tracks to play/practice with? It seems that the HD500 does not - but I haven't seen if the 500x includes these.


Is there any way I can input a mic and apply the POD 500x's effects/looping to it?




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Nothing builtin for backing tracks, but there is a CD/MP3 input you can use to play along with backing tracks with an ipod or whatever. In terms of the Mic input, you can create a dual chain patch where you have your guitar on one chain and your guitar on the other. You can use what ever FX you like. you have 8 blocks you can choose to apply to either chain. FX loop is a block like any effect.

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Built in backing tracks?


Sorry, bro, this is a musical instrument/device. It is not a toy.




BUT, it does have a mic input. It does have a looper.

It also has a two 1/4" inputs and a 1/8" input.


Please understand, the mic input is also not a toy. It is XLR jack.




Next question?

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