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Help With Hd500 Fx Loop Summing Stereo Fx Return?

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Hi all, I have a mono reverb > stereo delay in the HD500 fx loop. Mono cable on the POD send to the mono effect; mono cable from that to the mono in on the stereo delay; stereo out from the delay with both L & R cables back to the stereo input on the POD fx return. The fx loop block is in the last position after the mixer, yet I do not hear the stereo returns from the stereo delay. It comes back as mono. I would think that even though it's a mono send, the delay should still come back as stereo, as there are no mono fx after the fx loop in the chain. Does anyone have any pointers? I'm at a loss. I've tried taking the mono reverb out of the chain but the stereo delay still comes back as mono.

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