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MXR Studio Compressor in the Effects Loop not working


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Hi there

I have an MXR Studio Compressor pedal, so thought I would try it in the effects loop. This pedal has a meter on it to display compression. When placed in the effects loop it is adding volume to the signal but the meter does not move, no matter how much I play with the settings on the pedal or how hard I hit the guitar. Taking it out of the loop and plugging it straight into the pedal it functions as it should again.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you!

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The Helix's send and return pairs are counter-intuitive.


Return 1 is NEXT TO Send 1; not underneath it, like you'd expect.


Make sure you have the compressor physically plugged in properly.


Several of us have gotten singed by this little oddity.

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Sounds like the signal has already been compressed then before it got into the loop?


There still should be some indication from the MXR pedal with the meter indicating that compression is being applied. I set the pedal to its most extreme settings so I should have seen some indication there. 

I've tested the leads  and they seem fine, but I might swap them out for others and see if the result changes.

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