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Quick Capture Problem?

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Hi all, I had a gig last night which was the first real test of our new stagescape system. Happy to report that it sounded amazing and everyone was totally impressed with our sound so I am a very happy sound man! We were running the m20 into l3's as mains and l2's for monitors.


There were however a couple of anomolies which I'm scratching my head about. Because we were in a bit of a rush to set up and sound check I didn't have much time to investigate at the time but I'm wondering if anyone might have experienced similar. I'm running version 1.1 software on the mixer.


The first was during the sound check. I tried using quick capture. We had a bass direct, guitar direct, mandolin and 2 vocal mics. All channels recorded and played back fine with the exception of the guitar?! It was coming through the PA fine so it wasn't a level issue. Has anyone had this before?


Second one was a recording issue onto SD card. I have read all the posts on this and I'm aware that there are a few quirks with this at the moment. The issue was this: The first half of the gig recorded beautifully. I pressed stop at the interval and then record again at the start of the second half. When I got back home and insterted the card into my pc there were empty files for the second half.. No setup changes, didn't remove the card. Literally just pressed stop and then record again....There was plenty of storage space on the card, it was a clean 32gb card at the start of the gig.


Would welcome any thoughts on the above. I'm loving the system and as I'm fairly new to the desk I am completely open to the fact that the above may have been down to pilot error but I would love to get to the bottom of them for next time.


Thanks in advance.

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Yah, that kind of stuff have been happening with the record functions of the M20d.


If it was user error it has to be a lot of users errors by a lot of different people... Not likely....




Understand your frustration same problem after upgrading the firmware but I erased all the set ups that I had started completely over, today we recorded practice in Made 26 recordings or takes, there was only 11 actual songs and everything recorded fine. the only thing I can add is are you absolutely sure you Turned off the recording before you turned off the power.

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We are having exactly the same problem. Recording on first gig was perfect for playback.  Everything after that was terrible.  Also stopped recording before turning off like the poster above.


The playback feature was a main reason we switched to M20d, but this thing is not working right.  I am sure Line6 will fix this, and I hope it is soon.


M20d is terrific except for this crucial flaw or my terrible operator error.  Hopefully it is me.

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