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Pocket POD Recording to PC

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Hey guys, I recently bought a Pocket POD and had it shipped overseas. I'm currently deployed and figured it would be easier than having an actual amp here. I wanted to maybe record onto my laptop, but I know you can't via USB and also unless I buy a speaker to plug into, the laptop mic isn't much use. Are there any ways to record directly into my laptop without buying a soundboard and things like that? I used to work at a recording studio when I was younger, but that was years ago and we had tons of equipment. Now I'm pretty limited on both equipment and space. I'd like to have direct access from the POD to the laptop to get the raw sound from the POD instead of recording into a mic. I appreciate the help.

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The simplest would be to connect the Pocket POD Headphones output directly to your laptop's mic input. You only need an audio cable with an 1/8" male connector at both ends. Configure your recording software to use the mic input of your laptop.


You would be using your laptop's internal soundcard as the audio input/output device for recording, and feeding its input (mic jack) directly from the POD. There's no need for an actual mic. You would monitor the sound using the laptop's built-in speakers, or headphones connected to your laptop. Bear in mind that the sound quality you hear from the built-in speakers won't be great but the underlying recording will sound better if/when played back through a better system.


I think anything else would require additional external equipment.

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