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 I had a IMac, digidesign protools mbox, and KB37 with toneport gearbox for several years now. My IMac crashed, lost all my songs, and info is un-retrievable. So.. I bought a Presonus audio box with studio one and a new PC with windows7 32 bit

  I want to continue using my KB37 but it's several years old, it has the old version of gearbox before pod farm came out. Is there anyway to get this thing compatible with windows 7 and upgrade to podfarm? I loved the sound I got with the toneport and how easy it was to get a nice sound. I'm pretty tec dumb so any help would be greatly appreciated.

 So in short, I have an old KB37 circa 2008 or 2009, I would love to update to work with studio one on windows 7. Or am I out of luck?

   Thank you for any responses 

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should work fine... and pod farm 1.12 is a free upgrade...

just get the latest version of monkey and you should be ok.

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protools 11 does not support vst, rtas, or au's so pod farm will not work as a plugin.

if pod farm ever implements aax plugins for protools11, it will likely require at least a pod farm 2 license... or maybe even a pod farm 3 license if such a thing ever exist...

basically saying that its incredibly unlikely that pod farm 1.x will support protools 11.


What about ProTools 11 ?

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