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Both Variax 700 Electric and Variax Acoustic with Pod XTL

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Does anyone have the answer to this?


I use a Variax 700 Electric with a Pod XT Live sending patch changes from my laptop via midi to the XTL and then on to the Variax Electric.


I have just bought a Variax 700 Acoustic and want to use it on gigs as well.


I plan to set up new amp / effects and guitar setting for the Acoustic and store them in the XTL


Here are the questions?


How would the Variax Acoustic react to a command meant for the Electric? and

How would the Electric react to a command meant for the Acoustic?


Would nothing happen? Would the receiving guitar change at all? and if so in what way?


Could anything catastrophic happen?


I don't want to be the guinea pig?


So can anyone shed some knowledge on this for me


Thanks, Mark

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Interested in this too - just bought a variax 700 acoustic - was planning a helix - maybe that won't work... hd500x instead maybe? I'd like to be able to change turnings with helix and be able to access workbench. Here's hoping.

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