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When will Line Six Fix VDI Cable Issue

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After a few  hours of exploring Internet links and experimentation, it seems evident that the Line-Six brand  20ft. VDI cables are problematic.  Type "Variax VDI Cable Issue" into  a search engine and encounter a well documented you-tube link that demonstrates an issue that the company should take care of.  Why does the short ethernet cable sent with the guitar work totally fine for VDI connection, while using the long line-six cable contribute to sonic havoc?  


Line Six has known about this issue for some time, and I have spent a lot of money.  Please fix it Line Six; take care of your consumers.


Thank you.


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Have you considered it may be the guitar socket?

I know you said it works ok with the Workbench cable but not the VDI. Was your Variax new or used when you bought it. There was a lot of talk a while back around the specs of cables and Line 6 said that ordinary Ethernet cables should not be used because they can damage the socket on the guitar. Perhaps this has happened to yours? Try moving all the connectors in the guitar socket so that they are a tighter fit when the cable goes in. I hope that works for you.

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I had the same problem with a recently purchased used Variax 300, and the original line6 VDI cable. The problem is not the cable but the RJ45 connector of the guitar. I checked mine and it looked fine, but with a good magnifying glass I saw that a couple of the blades on the connector were slightly bent and didn't allow for good stable contact. Following the advice of a forum user in another post, I made a small hook with a piece of thin iron wire with which I pulled up the contacts a little. Now the instrument is perfectly stable.

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