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my cool new preset


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hi, made a cool preset the other day and really enjoying it. it's kind of pretty raw 70's rock style and to my ears quite sounds like a real amp sitting there in front of me. sadly having some computer probs and couldn't up load the patch but it's pretty simple with just a minotaur, brit plexi jump preamp, soupro amp, 63 spring reverb and then dual cab block with 2x12 interstate and 1x12 lead 80 cabs.. i think it sounds really cool anyway so i wrote down the settings .. you may have tweak to taste of course - i'm running thru a mackie p.a monitor and a crate 30w busking amp .. so a bit unusual..



gain-1.2 tone-3.8 level-7.5


Preamp-brit plexi jump-

brt drive-6.3 nrm drive-4.4 bass-6.4 mid-6.2 treble-3.3 ch vol-4.9 master -8.4 sag-3.0 hum-4.9


Amp-soup pro-

drive 7.8 bass 5.0 tone 9.6 treble 4.8 presence 4.1 ch vol 9.5 master 8.1 sag 6.0 hum 5.0 ripple 5.0 bias 7.0 bias x-5.0


63 spring reverb (just a touch)


dual cabs -

1. 2x12 interstate

421 dynamic distance 1.5" low cut 58hz hi cut 4.3 early ref 9% level 0.0


2. 1x12 lead 80

160 ribbon distance 2.5" lo cut- 83 hi-4.9 early ref 9% level 0.00


anyway someone might like this.. i'm using a strat and rolling the volume off just a little mostly and it's all just one signal path , no splits etc oh and i have the pad on..so it may be more drive than intended with the input pad off

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Thanks Shane, I have had some fun with this, simple but very authentic rock.

New Helix owners struggling to get a good tone should try these settings.

great! thankyou.. and thanks for reminding me about this preset, i've been off trying other things lol
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I used your settings as a base, but then did a bunch of tweaking, including changing the amp to the Solo Lead. I used a neck humbucker to build the patch. It seems to work pretty good as a standard blues rock preset that cleans up with the volume knob and has enough grit for leads by just turning the guitar volume back up. I'm not sure how to link what I uploaded to CustomTone, but I'll give it a try:



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