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Soundstag L3T Delivery today

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Well its gonna be obvious that Im a Newbie, so Please dont keyboard strangle me!! 

First Post>> Short and Sweet

I just bought a Line 6 Helix Rack Mount that is well... awersome!!! like Freakin,    Ive been hearing about the LIne 6 L3T and checked it out and went to Amazon and bought one,

It showed up today and... you know how you get that stining feeling when your package arrives and the box is open and just shredded, Thats Me!!

anyway, its clear the box had been opened before, Bummer!   I took a pic on the Box of the Serial Number and called Line 6,  

The Lady from Line 6 said this serial number belongs to a L3T from ...2013,   ...!!

Heres my questions, if this device is brand new; although from 2013 , is/are there any differance's in the product since 2013,  I would Imagine so but need you guys feedback of Course. 

Buy the way and since I may be returning it> I decided to plug it in........   Oh Wow!  Everyone noticed the ""Sound"" just wild, I went direct from my Marantz cd/usb rack mount to RCA input and Bamm!   Master controlled the overall input, at set that at Max Vol and used the remote to toggle the volume between 0 and that set point (max vol)    PInk Floyd,   Remastered Gold,  Dark side of the Moon,  it was pretty insane the sound was actually right on the Money, so to speak,  :)


So guys>  Return the L3t for the 2017 version, or just deal with it, 


Thanks all!     Line 6!    Hello  




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Amazon is horrible for things like that. I have bought a few things from them that have been obviously previously sold before and I have bought things that turned out to be grey market when i went to register them.


Up to you if you send it back, but i know from my experience i will never buy something expensive from Amazon again.

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There's no difference in the 2017 L3t from the 2013 L3t. But I can't say that this particular speaker is as good as new because clearly the box was opened so it's history is unknown. But unless you encounter or can demonstrate a problem with it you might not need or be able to return it.

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As long as you have a full warranty as a new purchase I wouldn't be worried. Just make sure that you give it a good test - I had a repaired L2t that went back as it cut all sound about speaking voice volume but it's replacement and the other one I have are perfect.


These are not common consumer items and may well hang around in warehouses for months if not years - Line 6 may not even have made any in 2017.

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IF you can register the on Line 6 under your name then they are new. Maybe Demo but sure still new.

However you should get a 2nd unit. If have two L3t's and they are magnificent. Through my Helix they act as my HiFi for playback of music and backing tracks and the guitar is always plugged in so any time I join on the same set of speakers and it is just brilliant. You need really nothing more unless you would play on really big venues but even moderate venues you have plenty power and at home you have HiFi and pure backing tracks and your guitar gets the full preset treatment perfectly from Helix via these units.

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IF you can register the on Line 6 under your name then they are new. Maybe Demo but sure still new.



Not necessarily, for at least two reasons. A previous owner may have:

- never registered it at all, or

- may have removed the registration from his/her account when selling it to a new owner.


In both cases the new owner will have no problem registering the unit. That provides no conclusive information about its ownership history.

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