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Helix + Tube Amp + Suhr Reactive Load (Recording)


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Hi guys,


I'm currently running my Helix in 4CM with my Victory Sheriff 22, and getting great tones! I'm now looking to add a Suhr Reactive Load into the mix!


The plan is:


Guitar -> Helix Guitar in

Helix Send 1 -> Sheriff Input

Sheriff Send -> Helix Return 1

Helix 1/4 Out -> Sheriff Return


Sheriff 8ohm Speaker Out -> Suhr Reactive Load -> Helix Return 2 (set to Line level) -> USB Out to Macbook




Path 1, would contain my tone related blocks (effects etc), input set to guitar in, and output set to 1/4 Out. 


Path 2, would contain a Cab/IR, input set to Return 2, and output set to USB.




My question is, should this work? Am I at risk of damaging anything in this way? It would be the ideal home recording solution for me. 


Any help would be massively appreciated! :) 


Cheers guys! 

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