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Adjusting (lowering) bridge on JTV59

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Bridge on my JTV59 is too high. Want to lower it however, it is HARD! I went ahead and loosened the bottom screws on the bridge, attempted to give the main posts a bit of a spin, but they just won't go. I fear stripping the screws or my hex/allen wrenches that came with the axe. Am I missing something?\


Thanks for the help

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To adjust the JTV-59 bridge
* Loosen the strings
* loosen the small allen screws
* now use a larger allen wrench and adjust the height of the bridge to taste. occasional retune the guitar to check, but always loosen the strings prior to adjusting the large height "bolts" under the bridge.

Upon achievement of desired bridge height reverse the procedure

* tighten the small allen screws
* retune the guitar
* and recheck intonation with a strobe meter

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If one side is tight, adjust the other side as well, too much of an angle on either side and the

post may bind and impinge a little.


Use a 7/64" hex or a metric equivalent for adjusting the post. Should be one in the hex kit that

came with the JTV. Similar to a Les Paul, but not the same action as a Les Paul,... just similar.


And I use some of the supplied hex wrenches at my bench set-up. Though the 7/64", I use one

with a longer shaft. But be careful with those if you do a lot of this, a cheap long shaft can twist

or break over time if used a lot for this. Shorter shaft, no worries.


Oh and BTW,... what stevekc said. He knows his stuff.

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Thanks you guys!


Went to the stores, can't find a 7/64" anywhere. Mine is definitely stripped. I hope it's just the wrench that is messed up and not the screw itself. If that were the case. Is it easy to find replacement screws?


I'll go online and pick up a new wrench and try to figure it out.


Thanks for your help,

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