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Firehawk Floor vs. Amplifi System - what would you do?


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Just purchased an Amplifi 75 over this past weekend and its my first time diving into this system. To make a long story short - I totally dig the system and I am now looking at my options. This led me into the path of buying the new FBV MK3 floorboard to control my amp and patches....however....


that got me into thinking I could buy the Firehawk FX (which is everything the amplifi is, and the FBV3) but does NOT have the speaker. I am a Dad / busy / hobbyist guitarist and I like the idea of having the amplifi in my office to get me jamming out a few minutes each day. The Firehawk gets me more 'things' per se - the floor board control, the HD amp models, all the iOS control, etc. but just no speaker. I would be basically removing the live speaker element out of the equation and likely only ever playing with headphones.


I paid $549 for the amplifi. The Firehawk FX is $599.


If I purchase the FBV3 to go with my amplifi that is $549 + $349 = a hell of a lot more than the Firehawk current....again, with no speaker or sound.


What would you do?

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I would switch to the firehawk, you're giving up the speaker of the amplifi but if you ever find yourself wanting to gig or play live the amplifi speaker probably won't get you loud enough anyway, but that's viewing things from my perspective (I gig , rehearse, record a fair amount)


If you're unlikely to need it outside of the bedroom/lounge etc then the amplifi is a really cool concise package that does everything you need

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If you go the way of the Firehawk FX, I'd recommend checking out external speaker options.  You can do the headphone thing, but I have never found it fun to play with small speakers set an inch off my ears, even with really nice headphones.  It's even less fun with any sort of gain.  There are some very affordable small PA speakers out there that actually sound a lot better than their price tags would suggest. 


I've even run similar processors into a home stereo before (and I tested the AMPLIFi TT with my tv's soundbar).  It might not be ideal, but its so much more fun/inspiring than playing with headphones. 

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