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Is it just me or are we missing some Modern Type Amps in Helix?


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Is it just me or are we missing some Modern Type Amps in Helix?


I like the amps that are in Helix. That said, I really struggle getting the the Modern

'Hot Rod' amp distortions I hear on some recordings or when I go and play some 

real amps in person. Just seems it gets a bit thin in the higher register. That said

I get a pretty good sound sometimes using IR's or with dual amp setups 

in Helix but I just don't seem to find that 'boutique' mod amp. I remember using POD Farm 2

and finding a selection of mod amps that I liked (I had all the model packs). I have heard some comparison reviews

of Helix against some other companies offerings and there is at least one that has a 

really large collection of Amp Models included that at least by the comparison review I really liked.


Hoping Line 6 is heading in that direction (because we really need and want some mod amp models)


Do you have a similar opinion?

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I don't worry too much about different amp models.  What's in the Helix right now is more than enough to accommodate whatever tones I'm looking for.  Everything else is just icing on the cake.


Remember, it's not about the amps or effects, it's about your craftsmanship and creativity in constructing signal chains. 

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