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ABY Switching In Helix For External Amps


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Hiya Guys!


I'm new to Helix & absolutely love it! However, I'm looking for some help in how to use the helix as an ABY switcher for 2 external amps (DT50 & an acoustic amp) & several guitars. I know there is a thread talking about ABY switching within Helix amp models but I was wondering if this is possible with 2 real amps? Any help or advice on whether this can be done & if so how to set it up would be greatly appreciated!





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There are lots of different ways to accomplish this switching.  This one is from the mega-thread over on TGP and was originally posted by LeicaBossNJ.


It can be a little wonky, but you can set up an A/B/Y:
1. Make the split block into an A/B block
2. Assign a controller to a footswitch that toggles between "A100" (top path) and "B100" (bottom path). 
3. Assign a second footswitch to the split block (touch and hold) - this will toggle between A/B and Y (both amps play)

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Hi again!


I've set it all up but when I switch between A100 & B100 it just seems to be playing through both amps at the same time still not switching from one to another I think I followed the steps correctly but could be wrong..

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Hi all, 


Im really struggling here.  I've read so many different threads I dont know where I am. 


I use an Helix LT plugged into my AC15. The AC15 has a normal channel and a top boost channel. These are separate inputs so id like to use helix as an ABY (unfortunately I cant change these with an external footswitch). Id like to keep all my effects the same but be able to run them either through the normal or top boost channels. Im unsure of the routing and wiring needed. Ive tried splitting the paths to two outputs but i cant switch these in an out (e.g when normal is on top boost isnt and visa versa). 


Ive got my guitar signal split to panned left and top boost panned right but i don't want/need them both on at the same time as i want to use the top boost as an extra gain stage to my clean tone. 


Please help its driving me mad!! (I hope Im not missing something simple here)





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