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HUGE props to Frank Richotte and Line 6 support


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I'd like to tell you all about a recent experience I had with Line 6 support, and Frank Richotte in particular.

A little while ago I went to the first unofficial Boston area Helix meetup, and the left 1/4" output on my Helix showed up dead, where it had been working shortly before. Other folks there helped me out, since I hadn't brought gig-level spare everything, but I still had a problem. Frank was there, pretty cool of him we all thought, and afterwards, I got in touch with him about my situation.

What happened from there was probably the single best customer support experience I've ever had. Here's what Frank and Line 6 did:

  • Overnighted me a loaner
  • Sent an overnight UPS label to send my Helix back
  • Serviced it in roughly one day
  • Overnighted it back to me
  • Sent an overnight UPS label to return the loaner

How's that, huh? Pretty remarkable.

I don't think we should expect that level of service all the time for everything, but Frank did say it was OK to talk about how that all went down. Even if I didn't like my Helix, which I do, a lot, that experience alone would be a huge plus in its favor.

Great stuff. Thanks again to Frank, and to Will in Support, I'm super grateful, and super impressed.

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Great example of Frank and the team's dedication.

I've been immensely impressed with this aspect as well; Frank has been very active - proactive really - in tackling things which are brought to his attention.

I'm actually in the midst of a support ticket (which really is more of a 'bug report' type scenario, but the support team chose to open a ticket, likely to track the subject and communications traded, plus the files I've uploaded for analysis by the L6 Engineers.

It was Frank who ran with the ball on that one, and made certain to contact me directly by PM in order to update me.

This also has been the case with regards to the bug in v2.20 which has caused the stomp-mode switches to become sluggish in response (see other thread for that discussion) - Frank contacted me /very/ soon after, letting me know that he'd brought this to the attention to the Helix team, and that they had in fact identified the bug and were working toward a fix, which is intended to be in a maintenance release, v2.21.


So, I am very glad to see this topic having been posted - thanks for doing so, zooey. And also, glad Line 6 got you sorted out, and so amazingly quickly.


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Frank's diligence to these sorts of matters (as depicted here and in TGP) has clearly elevated Line 6's exemplary Customer Service and Tech Support to a new level of World Class! The Good Will established by Frank, DI, Will, Tony, Andrew, Victor, and the Line 6 support and development teams for Helix, Relay (and other product groups) will yield dividends for product owners and the company for years to come!

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