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Rotary knob sensitivity

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I'm a new owner of a Spider V and am really impressed so far. I don't have a smartphone/tablet though so I use the edit features on the amp itself. I noticed that if I spin the rotary knob fast the parameter numbers don't always change very much (or at all sometimes), it's actually quicker to increase or decrease the values by rotating it slightly more slowly.

I just wanted to check that it's the same on other people's amps and not that I have one with a duff knob!

Thanks for your help,


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Andy,  I think that is true with with that particular knob for the spider v. I have the 240 combo.  I love it. it has had a problem with the rotary knob actually coming loose and breaking. an indication was if i spun it fast it would only decrease in values. didn't matter which way i spun it. tha

en eventually it broke.  But line 6 took care of that immediately and i couldn;t be more happy with their service and the work.  but generally speaking. spinning it fast just makes it jump around. spin it slower, you'll actually get to where your going faster, and less likely to have a problem. 

It's hard for me too. all i want to do is play my guitar, I don't have time to program, what the hell !!!  LOL

at least that's how I feel about it. but you gotta do it,  Cheers

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