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My new Amp/Speaker option

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I have a Line 6 Lt2, and I love it but missed the on stage sparkle of a real tube amp, and a lot of the time with my All Originals band we play just Vocals and harmonica through the PA. So my search for multiple options lead me to the Fryette PS, so after trying that I loved it, but I was playing it into my Fender Deluxe Reverb Cabinet (Jensen C12K 100W), so I had to carry/roll my Fender Case and PS around..


So I built my own Cabinet and amp in one. It was a fun project since I really haven't worked with wood in 20 years... The finger joints was my challenge, not doing them since high school shop back in the 1970's lol took more time to build the jig, haha


Speaker is a Celestion Gold G12 8 ohm 

Fryette Tube Amp

Hardware and material from mojotone

Pine outside 

Baffle and back Baltic Birch 


Since I was using the Jensen before with all my presets, I now have to work on my EQ, as that has changed with the Celestion Gold and cabinet... It made all my presets darker?? I think around the 200-250 frequencies. Look forward to my 2nd practice with band this Wednesday since I worked on the EQ.




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By the way 41lbs  I was hoping for lighter.... but that is close to the 39lbs Lt2, and Fender DR reissue 42lbs, so no matter what I'm toting around the same weight..

So my only weight break is gigs when I have to use IEM's


I'm excited to try it out at this weeks practise!!!

I've worked on my EQ, and the Open back is new, I had a semi closed back a couple weeks ago when I 1st tested with the band (open only where the PS vents are).

So I'm curious to hear it now.

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