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Snapshots assignable to footswitches ?


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Hello I find it currently pretty inconvenient to globally activate snapshots to at least a full row of footswitches.

That way i lose 2 footswitches when i have only 2 snapshots.


I dont want to have for example my upper footswitch row always on snapshot mode.

As far as i know i can toggle that but i dont want to have to toggle the footswitch mode all the time.


All i need is a way to assign a snapshot or two to dedicated footswitches like I can assign an effects block

to a footswitch. I dont even want the snapshot symbol in the scribble strip but i think that is currently unavoidable.


Is there a way ?


Tanks for help.

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Firmware 2.00 included:

"Recall snapshots remotely via an incoming MIDI CC message. A CC69 message with value 0 recalls Snapshot 1, value 1 recalls Snapshot 2, value 2 recalls Snapshot 3, and so forth"

If a footswitch is defined to send CC69 and you loopback the MIDI connections (connect MIDI Out to MIDI In) and you disable the automatic sending of the unnecessary MIDI messages such as Patch Change then any footswitch can control Snapshot selection


Update: this is not true. See post below

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I agree, I don't generally have 4 snaps in a preset so I always end up with wasted footswitches. The MIDI thing works, but it isn't perfect. I started an Ideascale submission a while back for basically what you describe, running in stomp mode with the option to assign snapshots as desired. Bote it up if you like!

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Sorry - I am going to withdrawn what I said before because it isn't working when I try it on 2.20.

It works if the switch is set to send the CC while depressed, but this isn't latching so you have to hold the pedal down.... not very useful

It nearly works if the switch is set to send a CC toggle between two snapshots, Press to change snapshot ... yes, Press to return to original snapshot...

For some reason it gets into a loop and the only way to break it is to pull the cable. 

I think it is something to do with the state of the footswitch being recalled as part of the snapshot which causes the state to change sending the opposite message which is then responded to changing the switch state again causing the snapshot to change again....

I would call it a bug, but it is more a workaround that doesn't work, Vote for the ideascale

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