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Questions About Parallel Pitch Settings

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On the parallel pitch tab does it only allow for +12 or 0?  


I noticed in the manual it says that it defaults to +12 kind of implying, in my mind, that you could use other values.  But that doesn't seem to be the case when I try it with Workbench.  


What I was trying to do was figure out a way to emulate a Micro Pog with 1 octave up, 1 octave down, and regular pitch.  I had in mind that I could use alt tuning to drop an octave, parallel pitch to go up 2 octaves (+24), and blend in the magnetic pickups for standard tuning.  I figured it was a long shot, but worth a try.  


I haven't actually messed with this via the guitar, I just had the idea while I was at work and loaded up the software to see if it was theoretically possible.  


Any ideas on how this could be done?

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How do you get -12 (octave down) parallel? My Workbench HD with Variax Standard only allows me to do Parallel Pitch at +12 (an "octave up"). No other options are available to me ... just +12 or nothing.


My Variax 700 Acoustic (using the old non-HD Workbench) allow any setting, including -12 (octave below) parallel. That's what I want to achieve (on just my low E and A strings). Its sounds nice and beefy, like a bass playing in unison. But I can't get this on my Variax Standard (or JT).


Yes, I can achieve this tone somewhat using the Variax magnetic pickup blend. But that limits me to standard tunings, so I can't use alternate tunings for this. Or I could set my tuning up -12 and use +12 parallel (to get standard tune), but that sounds crappy and nowhere near as natural as the -12 setting available on the VA700 with original Workbench.


So .... is there anyway to simply dial in Parallel Pitch at -12 (an octave below) my base string tuning?

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