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Delay glitch sound's using tap tempo


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Global settings/preferences/tap tempo pitch. You can set it to accurate or transparent. I think you will want to change it to transparent. 

My goodness - I'm so glad I found this thread.  This is a life saver for me!!


I used to have an M13, then later switched to an M9.  When playing at church, the songs would usually sway a bit in tempo (naturally), and I'd keep adjusting the tempo via TAP to keep my delays sounding on time.  When I switched to the Helix, everytime I need to adjust the tempo, I'd get that pitch-shifting warble - which is an awesome added effect when you actually want it (usually tweaking the delay time knob)...  But not so much when you're trying to keep delays echoing in real time, in front of a live audience.  I was starting to think the only way I could avoid it was to stop playing in the instant I needed to change the tempo.  Which is super distracting when I'm the one starting the song isolated, and the tempo was just a touch off with the drummer to begin with.


Again - Thanks so much for pointing out the location in settings to fix this - I must have missed this somewhere in the manual.

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