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Impulse response query


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Hello folks,


Me again. I have an ir that is a blend of a Marshall 412 loaded with 25 watt Celestion Greenbacks and an EVH 212 cab. It went into my Atomic Amplifire 12 but my Helix LT says"memory error". I've since found the Helix version but I'm wondering why the first one went on the AA but not the Helix?


Thanks :)

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Helix is usually able to convert .wav IRs to the format it uses internally, but maybe that one's just too big. I haven't run into that with cab IRs; reverb IRs may be much longer so they can have really long tails, but cabs usually don't.


In any case, you could try manually truncating it to 2,048 or 1,024 samples. Those are the lengths supported for Helix.

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