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Multiple Send Blocks with the same output possible?


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Hi folks,


I've just ordered a Helix Rack and Control (don't tell my girlfriend!).


One of the things I'm hoping to use Helix for, is a simple stage rig for my band's smaller gigs.


I'll only need simple processing, so I'm sure I'll have enough DSP to run one Amp Sim, Reverb, and Tremolo on the first path, then use two paths for the other guys; one keyboard input and one mic input for vocals. They'll only need a bit of EQ and a simple (mono) reverb.


What I'm a little unsure of is whether I could use a 'Send' block on all 3 paths to do a simple monitor mix. Does anyone know if this is possible?


I've looked through the manual, and it specifically states you can only use one of each Return socket per patch (which makes sense), so I'm hoping that means the Send block can be used multiple times with the same physical output.


Thanks for your help!


(Hope I'm making sense)

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Yes, you can have multiple instances of the same Send block. Only one instance of each Return block, though.



Well, that's just amazing! Totally transforms the Helix for me. That flexibility means it'll be suitable for all sorts of other plans I have ;-)


Thanks for the quick response!

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