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Tuned up DT amp for Helix !!!


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Hi !


Thanks for this great community !


I finaly tuned up my DT 50 as totally neutral to be able to run Helix into this amp by the FX return.

I'm asking you guys,


Is any FRFR  cab like : XiTone, Freidman, CLR, you name it, will bring this much joy and tone that my DT amp is giving me right now with Helix ( no cab sim)  ?

If yes ? tell me cause the Helix / DT amp is hard to beat. ( Tell me what FRFR will tone as good, Ill buy it )



The only problem i see is that once I got my patch with IR been bypassed for DT, I can no longer go direct to the board since my IR's are off.


The way I love my patch for direct is Dual amp with dual IR's, in stereo panned at the output and amp/IR 1 is on path 1A and amp 2 is on 2B for panning L-R.


See why it is complicated to run DT amp AND IR's to direct.


I wish helix could disable cab sim going to an amp but keeping it able for direct.


Any suggestions for my Q 1 and Q 2 ?






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Here's what you do.  On each path right before the IR add a Volume gain block and pull it down to create a parallel path.  Drag the merge blocks down too so you have separate outputs on all 4 paths (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B).  Set the output block on the paths with the IR to XLR panned the way you want.  Set the output blocks on the no IR paths to 1/4 centered.  Now run your Left 1/4 out to the DT return and both Helix amps will be merged to the DT.  If you keep your post effects like delay and reverb only to the PA you will have a sweet wet/dry/wet rig.  Up to you.


As long as you are running into the FX return the DT preamp/cab is totally bypassed anyways so you shouldn't need any tuning that way.  I'm not wasting any time or money trying to match or beat my DT25 with anything you mentioned.  The only thing I am considering is the Orange Rocker 32 which has a true stereo power section.  No rush to get it though...

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Thanks, Radatats,


Nice solution !! I will try it with anther preset.


For my main presets is like this :

I'm using Amp 1 on Path 1A going to 2A a( being my Left side) And Amp 2 on 2B so they are on separate Path for DSP allowing , and for stereo panning. This is why it's quite complicated cause both path are already in parallel and my spit appears before the amp to get it panned.


Anyhow I could upload a pix of my routing to see if there is any other way to achieve what I want for my direct and sending to DT.


I know FRFR cab will solve this in 3 sec... But does it sounds as good ??

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