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Dumb question about FX Loop Block

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Dumb question about the FX Loop block when working with patches....


Is this for the actual physical FX Loop on the device itself (for external pedals, etc) or can it be used as a digital representation of an FX loop in a simulated chain - ie - you want your mods and delays in your patch to be in the amps FX Loop, so you put the FX Loop after the amp? Does that make sense?


Or ...with the way the patch chain works, as long as your delay/mod blocks are AFTER the amp block in a preset, then its acting as being in the 'fx loop' so to speak...

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The FX Loop block corresponds to the physical loop outputs on the device itself, for external pedals. You position the FX Loop block where you want the external pedals to be placed in the signal chain. It has no relation to the mod and delay blocks, other than their relative positioning. Your external pedals will be patched into the signal chain wherever the FX Loop block sits.

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