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Best Camera to record yourself playing + Helix + Mp3


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Guys--know many of you are recording pros. Wondering though if there is a basic setup and camera recommendation to video record oneself playing + your guitar on Helix + an MP3 of the song you are playing along with. 


Looking for either a direct input of the sound (Helix Guitar + MP3) or camera with mic recommendation that can mic my FRFR speaker and my MP3 speaker as well. I've tried basic iPhone camera and then a go pro but the sound is a mess. Ideally have both the recording itself and my playing direct into the camera. 

Thinking easiest way for the YouTube uploads.  Any hardware/helix cable recommendations?

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If I were going to do this.

A. Use any camera to video myself playing it. Either with track or click track.

B. Grab some kind of a video and audio editor and load your video into that.

C. Import your original guitar track and sync it up with the video.

D. Upload in high res to YouTube so it doesn't compress the hell out of it and sound like garbage

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