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i'm considering the purchase of a helix lt. now i know that there's no spdif-in/out but the thomann-website states that the aes-port will work as spdif if correctly adaped. is there anyone, preferably a line6-member, that can confirm? is there a way to send spdif into the helix lt as well for reamping purposes or will i have to carry my helix floor from the rehearsal-room for that purpose?


thanks in advance and best regards

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thank you, just a final question regarding that. on which voltage-level does the aes-port operate? will it match the spdif-voltage-specifications or will i need to use a kind of signal pad to match the spdif-range?

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I'm also trying to do the same thing; I have a S/PDIF port on my Roland V-Studio 100 and I thought I bought the right components to make it work, but alas, no audio comes to the mixer.  Unfortunately, I have no way to find out where the signal ends (is it making it to the transformer but it doesn't work after that, etc.)


I thought I'd ask here to find out if there is a particular component that, upon seeing it, someone would say "no, that definitely wouldn't work."


The parts I bought, in order from the Helix to the mixer are:

 - AES/EBU XLR cable :

 - AES/EBU impedance transformer :

 - BNC(m) to RCA(m) cable :


I've also attached a snip from the V-Studio 100 owner's manual, to show what I'm connecting to (input 13).


Thanks for your help!


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I have just tested 4 resistors pad "converter" (schematic above) my friend has made for me. He did it on SMD resistors soldered to small veroboard hidden in XLR then connected to regular 3m unbalanced instrument cable. Works perfectly.
I have found simpler versions if somebody want to diy:
3 resistors pad:

2 resistors:

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Thanks Zolko60!! I just modded a cable with the two resistors schematics and works great!!

If someone else is interested in this topic, I used regular ceramic resistors, and I swapped the 91Omh one with a 100Ohm..because that's what I had available ;)


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