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Helix 90days old and defect !


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Dear members,


ik have bought in januari of this year a new Line 6 Helix floorboard in the Netherlands.


Positive Points:

1] The user interface is easy, strong and you can make a lot of sound loops

2] There is a huge amount of connection posibilities thats very good to rig the Helix in your sound set

3] The case is heavy stage quality


Negative points:

1] During a play session,  my 90days old Helix is defect.

       the following happens:

       the interface screen light up very strong for a couple of seconds and after that my Helix is "dead". i shut of the Helix with the switch and

       wait 1 minute and after that is switch it on again. Result = nothing only a little background lightup from the button displays and the user

       interface is total black and does nothing.



I returned my Helix floorboard back to the reseller and ask for a new floorboard. Answer from the reseller is: a new floorboard is not possible because the floorboard is older then 30days after purchase date. The reseller send the floorboard back to Line6 for repair. 

I am just still waiting for the answer, it's 3 weeks ago that my Helix is going defect. My feeling about the quality of this Helix floorboard is not good because my questions are:

     a] How is it possible that the printed circuitboard is going defective after 90 days (by normal and gently usage) ?

     b] Who gives guarantee that the rest of the hardware from my floorboard is stable ?

     c] The main displays light up very strong, that means that the power supply generates a higher voltage.

         is the display invisible damaged after these strong light up ?

     d] Who gives mee my good feeling back that after repair, the rest from the hardware is in a good condition and that other components are

         not invisible damaged ?


Purchase date:    14-01-2017

Part description:  99-060-0102 Helix EU

Part Number:       N77023725

Serial Number:     (21)HDF2V6612000053


delivered with firmware: 2.01.0

going defective by firmware: 2.11 




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You are in the Netherlands? Interesting - I would have thought you would have legal protection.

I'm in Australia, and do worry that if I have a problem, the turn around time for repair could be a big problem.

Any technology can fail - nothing is perfect - I've had a reasonably new Mac laptop die too.

Getting a replacement for a device 60 days old will always be a problem, but legally in Australia it would be considered not fit for purpose, and would need replacing - the responsibility would be firstly with the Retailer. But that legal position doesn't solve all problems - the retailer can only say that a replacement isn't available. Also, Line 6 may have a different view on who is responsible - which is the retailer's problem, but if I'm the retailer, I want to try really hard to pass that problem to you!

I can see that having a supply of replacement Helixes at convenient locations all over the world is probably unlikely, so those of us in smaller markets are always taking a bigger chance on technology!

What do Line 6 have to say?

We need a solution - and 2 Helixes is an expensive solution!!

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There has never been a piece of electronic equipment made... ever... that had a 0% failure rate. I suspect that the rate with Helix is rather low based on what they have told us.


If it were me, I'd send it for repair (yes, 90 days is long enough that a straight replacement would be unusual) and when I got it back, I'd play it hard and not worry.

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Line 6 has been 100% great about service in my experience. Shipping time there and back may be an issue, I don't know what support they have in your area, the the company will take care of you as best is possible, I'm sure.

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Groeten meneer,


As I understand it, Yamaha Europe is the main distributor in the Netherlands for Line 6 products, but I'm not sure if they are also the "Return to Base" contact. The listed Service Centre is:



Waaier 36

VW Leimuiden, 2451




Line 6 warranty states:


Please be aware that your warranty is only valid in the region where you purchased your unit. For instance, if you buy your unit in Germany, then you must have the unit serviced in Germany, or within that region. If you live in South America, you will be interacting with the distributor for the country that you live in. It is for this reason that Line 6 recommends that you always buy your unit locally. Distributors can be found at http://line6.com/find/distributor/


I'm not familiar with the Dutch Comsumer laws, so I don't know if 90 days cover is normal. I would have expected as least 1 year, though.


Ik hoop dat je het snel kunt repareren. Laat ons weten hoe het voor u gaat. Succes!

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Ik heb mijn Helix bij de nederlandse Bax shop gekocht, met 5 jaar garantie ;-), en na ruim een jaar gebruik, geen enkel probleem! Zover ik weet, heeft Line 6 standaard een 1 jaar garantie, en dus moet dit ook voor jou gelden, ongeacht waar je het gekocht!


Klanteservice van line 6 is, voor wat de Helix betreft, uitstekend en dus geen nood, 'lollipop happens' met elektronische aparaten


Heb je een probleem ticket ingestuurd op de Line 6 Site? Do dit!!!  Zo zijn ze op de hoogte van je probleem, en volgen ze de vorderingen van de reparatie!! Sterkte!


Ik begrijp je ongenoegen, maar Helix is echt geweldig en de moeite waard :-) Success



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