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I have a JTV89F purchased in June 2016 and has worked flawlessly through my old Flextone III

Then in March this year purchased a DT25 amp and cab and a PODHD500X

All hooked up using L6 link cable and digital interface lead

Last 3 times I have used the guitar the sound randomly cuts out, if I'm runing delays or echo  i can still hear the effect fade so the amp and Pod are most likely not the cause.

There is no specific time when this occurs could be after 5 min, 10 min or half and hour and it cuts out randomly, might be for 1 second or up to maybe 5 seconds and then the sound comes back. After this occurs I've usually had enough and turn everything off and have a break.

The light remains on the model selector switch so the guitar is still getting power.

I use the guitar with the battery removed and in March I made sure all the firmware on each device was up to date.


Any ideas

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I don't have answer to your question, but the same happened to me last night during a gig.  I've been using JTV59, JTV69, DT25 combo, and HD500x. All connected with L6 link cable.( The supposed "Dream Rig")  All been working fine in rehearsals with master set to around 12 o'clock.  Needed a bit of extra volume at a festival gig so pushed the master past 12 to around 1 o'clock and the amp cut out then cut back in continuously .  All my clean tone went distorted and trebly.  When changing patches sound went semi normal but then cut out again within seconds.  Put the master back to 12 o'clock and it continued to distort on clean patches. I had an absolute nightmare gig.  Have relied on this set up which has worked flawlessly at rehearsals at a fairly high volume but was absolutely gutted when it all failed so terribly last night.


Like you I'm desperate for a fix.


Any help or similar experiences?

Cheers Brad

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This is worry as I have a similar problem. I've been using a jtv59p with hd500 and out to frfr cabs for a while and recently completed the dream rig though I don't thing the DT 25 relates to the problem, I'll explain.


At a recent rehearsal, pre the dt25 purchase, the guitar output completely stopped. I tried hooking up through a normal guitar cable, a different vdi cable and even through a di bypassing the pod. All dead. I played keyboard for a while and sweated a lot. I then hooked up jtv to an old bass cab with a regular guitar cable, that worked.

Last week I bought the dt25 stack and reheated alone learning settings on Thursday and Friday. Saturday was band rehearsal day and I was looking forward to cranking the rig. Immediately after setting up, checking volumes, going over a few patches to check room eq, the whole lollipoping thing stopped again.


Change from vdi to guitar, changed connection from l6 link to guitar input, nothing. Jtv lamps were still on, tuner on pod still responded, DT switched in response to patch changes.


Back to the keyboard and more swearing. Later tried guitar to DT bypassing pod again and I had something but it was intermittent.


Help line 6, which unit should I send for repair?

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