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Buzz-Hum using FX Loop with Suhr RE load with USB plugged in


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I use my Helix to do various things and one of them is to use my PRS Archon 100 watt head with my Helix. I have PRS Archon 100 (running at 50w) into a Suhr Reactive Load at 8ohms. The RL output is a 1/4 TS unbalanced signal which goes into Helix Return 2 (set to line level). I have send 1 set to instrument which then feeds into the PRS amp input. Problem is I get a buzz when the loop is activated (send 1 into return 2). The issue seems to be with USB grounding. If I disconnect the USB cable the hum/buzz goes away and I can use the Helix as a pre/post FX center with my PRS head while Helix.


I was considering a XHum adapter but wasn't sure if that should go on the Helix, the PRS head or my computer. Right now the only way I can record with Helix is to just use Return 2 with the guitar going right into the PRS head but that means I can't use any effects pre, only post efx (delay, reverb and such).



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