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Beginner using a POD through a Power amp through a cabinet


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I have a POD HD DESKTOP (BLACK BEAN), I recently got a Crown XLS 1002 Power amp, this week i'm getting a 5150 III 2x12 cab. I'm planning upgrading my BLACK BEAN to a HD500.


My questions are... how many cables and what type of cables do I need? How I would setup the inputs/outputs?

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In reference to the power amp and speaker cab - (I don't know anything about the particular ones you've chosen), but because of the modelling in the Pod,the signal is designed to go straight to some kind of amplification which doesn't add any further "colour". I'm guessing the 5150 cab probably has V30s which seem to be the current go to speaker for hard rock/metal etc....

In my case, I first went into the power amp in section of a Mesa Boogie Satellite 60 combo which was pretty good - lots of headroom in the power amp. I just didn't really get on with the Black Shadow speaker. I then bought a Sherlock Signal Station (allegedly based on the Fryette Power Station power amps) made here in Australia, which is a stereo 50:50 watt high headroom power amp, which is awesome for modellers. I plugged this into an early 80s Marshall JCM800 2x12 with G12-65s, which are awesome speakers for cleanish crunch to medium gain. Unfortunately it didn't suit all the sounds I tried for, so I sold it and bought 2 DT25 extension cabs, and it's a great match now.

Just letting you know, if you want a variety of tones at your disposal, you may end up changing your amp/speaker choice....

A bunch of people on here use FRFR amplification, but unless you're using acoustic models regularly, it's not necessary IMO

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