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Routing/Levels for 4CM - FX Only into Orange DD50 (Line level loop)


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I'm thinking of getting a Helix LT next week to use as a 4CM FX only board with my Orange Dual Dark 50.


I've been led to believe the amp has a line level tube FX loop.


Would the following configuration of I/O and level settings work to maintain correct gain structure through the rig?...

  • Guitar > Helix In
  • Loop 1 (Inst Lvl) Send > Amp In
  • Amp Send > Loop 2 (Line Lvl) Return
  • Helix (Line Lvl) Out > Amp Return
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Yes. It certainly can be done.

Each stage on the Helix has at least one trim control. Specifically, the Helix's FX Send and Returns and Main Out may be individually configured in Global Settings for Line or Level signals. Helix also provides Level control parameters in each of the actual Send and Return Blocks, as well as in the Output Block.

For best results with your Amp, you'll need to try the several areas of adjustment to optimize your gain structure.


Also any of the FX Blocks or other EQ, Dynamics, etc., that you may add to the Helix's Signal Path(s) also can affect your gain structure, and these blocks also have Level controls.


It would be difficult to come up with a configuration where your needs could not be met by Helix's features.


The only exception would be if you needed more than the Two (2) FX Loops provided in Helix LT. In that case, the Helix Floor and Helix Rack each have Four (4) Analog FX Loops.

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