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JTV-89 or 89F reason for pickup selector layout.

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So I'm just a bit curious...
Been checking out my new JTV-89F and notice the pickup selector positions and wondered why they didn't wire the humbuckers to better mimic single coil pickup placement one would find on guitars with single coil pickups.
I did a mockup in photoshop of what I mean.  Has anyone here just flipped the pickups to achieve this?  It would seem we could get a better single coil on the neck or bridge position this way.


I could also see just flipping the neck pickup as a lot of the signature single-coil tones are from the neck pickup yet most single coils on the bridge are an an angle to really they start out a little further away from the bridge and get closer as you move up the scale.


Anyway... thoughts of flipping the pickups?  Pros and cons ?  Am I missing something?



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