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Problem controlling Boss Sy300 patch changes.


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So I'm trying to do something that seems like it should be basic but I just cant seem to figure out why it's not working. I'd like for the boss sy300 to jump to a specific patch number instead of being forced to incrementally follow the default patch changes the helix puts out. Without making any adjustments, the helix already changes the patches of the sy300 to correspond with it's own patches/patch #s.  I could not get an instant midi message to work, but yet I could get a switch  to change it to any number I wanted to in the sy300, just not using the instant lightning bolt. No matter what I did, 1 on helix was always 1 on the sy300, 5 was always 5 on the helix and changed to 5 on the sy 300, etc. etc.

I have the instant change and the button change programmed exactly the same in Helix, except one works and the other does not.  Any ideas?

I've attached a pic to show the button setting that works. The instant setting is identical, but  doesn't do a thing


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Problem solved. Here is the solution, and Perry, it's quite possible that what you programmed isn't what is changing your patches. By default, the Helix sends our program change messages both through the midi out and the pc/usb out. You have to go to global settings and turn this off because it overrides the instant program change settings. Once it's turned off, I was able to program it to work the way I wanted.  I didn't figure this out myself, but a lady at tech support at line 6 helped me figure it out. You go to global settings, then temp/midi and its on the second page of those settings  and you turn the last two knobs to off.

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