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M9 Frozen


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My M9 is frozen. Strange configuration of color leds.

Step by step:

In the middle of the rehearsal today, the m9 stop working fx unit 2.
I thought it should be only the buttons (any problem of physical contact) and continued playing.
By the end of the song, it seems i was right, beucause other effects were working but effects or scenes selected by buttons of fx unit 2 couldnt be acessed. After another song, only my tap tempo was working well. Then, i stopped to examine. The tap tempo works well and i can still acess the looper by holding it, but now ALL the 3 fx units buttons werent working. After this, i take my M9 home and power on and 1 - the lights configurations doesnt match with any of my scenes. And 2 - There is one red led (?) and one led with no light. - 3 neither the tap tempo or looper are working now

Does anyone have any ideia of what to do?
I have tried to backup my scene but absolutely nothing happens.
I have no idea of what could be the issue, thats why i wrote the step by step.

Im sorry for the confusing expression and if im repeating another topic but i couldnt find any similar topic and im really in a hurry because my gig is this thursday and i have used it in all rehearsals. 
Thanks for attention,

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