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Interference Issues....Thoughts?

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I posted this over in the XD-V forum yesterday, posting it here as well.

I'm hoping someone can help me diagnose drop-out problems with my Line6 wireless gear that has only started recently.  On stage I have the following wireless units:


Relay G90's - 2 (running RF2)

XD-V75 with handheld transmitter (running RF2)

WiFi Router (running at 5G) using an iPad to control a Behringer X32

**Side note - The Relays and V-75 receivers are mounted in the same rack.  External antennas are connected to one of the Relays, and then daisy chained from that Relay to the other Relay and V-75 in the rear.


Additionally, my drummer uses a Line6 wireless unit for his Crown CM311.  I'm not sure which Line6 model, but it's a current model, as it uses the TBP12 transmitter.  We also have 4 wireless IEM systems, a Sennheiser wireless handheld, and my bass player uses a Sennheiser wireless for his bass.  The IEM's and Sennheiser stuff is all UHF, not digital


I've been running the Relays and the V75 since 2012, added the Behringer X32 and router to the mix in 2013.  Up until the last few months, I haven't had as much as a cough or hiccup out of anything.  Everything has worked darn near perfectly and played very nice together.


When the drop-outs first started, it was the V75 that would give me trouble, but the Relays were fine.  Initially I noticed that whenever I would have problems with the XD-V75, my iPad would also give me trouble staying connected to my router network.  I could see that there were several WiFi networks in range, so I just chalked it up to a bunch of WiFi interference.  Initially, the problem was minimal....Drop outs were few and far between, and just little blips.  Now I've got both Relays and the V-75 system acting up on me, sometimes the iPad gets in on the action with them, sometimes it doesn't.  I should mention that these are all venues that I've been in multiple times before with this same rig, and no problems.  It's very inconsistent.  I can go one night with no troubles, the next night all hell breaks loose.  The venue we were in this past weekend, both of my Relays and the V-75 gave me fits, but the iPad was fine.  The previous time we were in this venue, the iPad give me fits and the Line6 stuff was fine.  My drummer doesn't have any problems with his Line6 unit, but his transmitter and receiver are rarely more than 2-4 feet apart.  I am relatively close to my stuff as well, but not that close.  Typically, my Relay and V-75 transmitters are within 10-20 feet of the receivers.  Plenty close enough that distance shouldn't be an issue.


Anyway, because there is no consistency to what's happening, I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what the cause is.  I always scan and use channels with no (or the least amount of) interference.  The router is always kept at least 5-7 feet away from my Line6 receivers (router runs at 5G, so I wouldn't think it would be a problem with the Line6 stuff anyway?).  It's not happening every show, but it's definitely happening more frequently as time goes on.


At first I thought maybe something was going bad, but the fact that all three Line6 units are acting up (albeit not always at the same time) leads me to believe it's a transmission and reception problem, not a hardware problem.  Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.  Also, what's the official word from Line6 on RF1 versus RF2?  When I researched it, there seems to be conflicting info as to which is best for a given type of situation.


Thanks all!




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The Relays and XD-Vs are at 2.4GHz frequency. Most Wi-Fi routers these days are dual band 2.4/5GHz. Without a wireless spectrum analyzer, it will be almost impossible to pinpoint the issue when it pops up. 


My thought would be to open a support ticket with Line 6 and they can point you in the right direction in terms of best practices to minimize interference issues with the combination of equipment that you are using in the variety of venues you are using them. 

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