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Where's The New Acoustic Sean's Video? Some Humor

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Hey boss my video is ready I'm uploading it to you right now so you can send an email to all our customers


2 days later



Hey Sean we can't post that you were using 1.9 :wacko:



:wacko:  How can I make a good sound clip in 48 hours with HD 2.0? :ph34r:



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I got an email form L6 saying


"New Tip: Dial in Amazing Acoustic Tones
Your James Tyler Variax includes five pristine acoustics. In this new tutorial, Line 6’s Sean Halley examines all the factors involved in getting the perfect acoustic sound—from string size and strumming considerations to setting up the right POD HD patch"


Where is it??  No link in the email that  I can see.


Can someone point me in the right direction?



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I created a patch which I believe is similar to sean's patch and recorded a sample in audacity, but I feel lacking treble and brightness.
THE FIRST take is the sean  patch  , and the second is my main acoustic patch, this is the 5 position

see what you guys think

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Videos date from april. So it's probably 1.9 like in my joke...

got -1 for this? It's a fact that the video dated from april. Got -3 in total post. Some people act so much childeshly... Loggin in to blast... That remembers me when I look at some virtuoso youtubers who plays perfectly dream theaters songs and some peoples waste their time to log in and hate.


Cheers and grow

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I can be wrong about that but many of the guitars in 2.0 have more high frequency imo. Looking the date of the video on youtube I assume he was on 1.9 or less. I never did an 1.x vs 2.0 acoustic test so in fact I'm not sure about anything.

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