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Greg Howe Introspection Guitar Tones ?


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Anyone here have any insight on how to generate any of the powerful yet clean sounding tones (lead or comp) that Greg Howe achieved on his early 90's album Introspection with the L6 Helix?


I have to say that I haven't heard anything before or since that album that has ever sounded so clean, sustained and powerful while at the same time sounding fizzless and free of super high gain. The lead tones he achieved on that album IMO make even Allan Holdsworth's lead tone sound on the highly saturated side.



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Selection of a good IR would probably help. One that comes to mind is from Redwirez: 'redwirez\Modern\ENGLProV30s\TAB-Funkenwerk SM57'. More specifically from this cab and mic: cone edge and a close distance.

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