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Why I think the Variax is so cool.

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Yeah, I just got my first Variax... JTV-89F, and I spent some time yesterday making a guitar....


I wanted to mimic my MCS Bich 10-String.  (Think B.C. Rich Bich, but built for me by the master himself, Neal Moser).  


I found the Les Paul style body with Lester pickups (at least for the bridge) work best and set the alternate tunings just like Bich with B & E in Unison, D & G are Octaves and E & A are singles.


After much messing around, and really just going through each pickup selection and moving pickups around and turning them etc... I think I have just about nailed the sound of the 10-String.  I used positions 1, 3 and 5 to emulate the three pickup combinations and positions 2 and 4 to emulate a 6-String Bich.


But here's where it got fun....  While Kahler actually does make a 10-String Tremolo, I've never seen one in play and as good as they are I can't imagine keeping it in tune as easily a 6 strings that just sound like 10.   But then.... Drop tunings and Alternate tunings at the twist of a knob !!!!  This is IN-FREAK'N-SANE !!!!!



That's all I gots ta'say....   

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