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Can't move or copy a block from path 2 to path 1


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I've tried dragging and dropping a vintage delay from line 2 to line 1, it won't even move upwards, only across or down, I tried copy and pasting and I just get a message saying "Cannot paste block".


I only have a noise gate, distortion, amp and an ir on line 1.


What am I doing wrong?






While I was trying to drag the delay block to various places I didn't notice that the display on the unit was changing. I went to another patch and did some recording. I then went back to the patch in question and Helix app stopped working. If I have the Helix unit switched into the offending patch and start the software, it says helix isn't connected. I have to manually switch to another patch on the hardware and then open the software. I then noticed that the display on the unit for that patch showed three delay blocks. The original, one where I was trying to drag/copy the block to on line 1 and a further one on line 2b. This must be what's causing the crash because the unit doesn't match the software. Very strange. I'll have to delete the patch and start again.

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Did you get the same issue that I described in the update at the bottom of my post too?


This may help you though


What I found really odd was that when I tried to copy and paste the block, it didn't do it in the software but it did place the blocks in the display on the Helix LT display.


Here is a video of me trying to drag & drop and also copy & paste.



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