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Line6 Gear integration


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I have a JTV-69 and a Spider Jam amp. I just got a good deal on a POD HD500X and I'd like the three to get to know and work with each other. :)

I'm connecting the guitar into the Variax input of the pod. I was looking for the L6 Link to the amp but there isn't one. I figured out that I can use the unbalanced output 1/4" jack to get the signal into the amp. But I'm leering of continuing to use this connection cause I don't know if I can cause damage to the new pod.

If this is a valid connection, will the pod still still function as it should? Will I be able to use all the effects that I should be able to get out of the pod?

Without buying a whole new amp is there any way to get the L6 Link to connect to the spider jam from the pod500x?

Thanks for any help :wub: I'm pretty confused at this point!

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I use my HD500 1/4" out into the SJ's Aux. I use studio direct mode on the pod. I'm not sure off hand if I have the switch next to the pods pedal set to "Line" or not but you can try both. Also you can try the different pod modes like "Combo Front" or the others just depends on what you hear and like. Don't forget the SJ has settings for the Aux input like a compressor, reverb, delay, EQ and volume level. I usually start with my pod "on" with the master down and then turn on the SJ then crank it's master volume all the way then start to open up the pod's master to test my level.

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