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Helix LT Won't Change Variax Standard Models


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So I'm rocking a Helix LT with Firmware 2.21.0 and a Variax Standard. Dream Rig here I come. Now, I've stored Presets on the Helix and assigned Variax Models, or I think I have, to each preset for ease of use. Such as, I have an acoustic patch where I assigned an acoustic preset from the Variax.


I have the input of the patch setup for Multi, and the Per Preset set to Variax Setting, Preset Variax Model to Acoustic-1, and everything else is "Don't Force"...


I have another patch set to an Andy Summers "Police" sound, with the Preset Variax Model set to T-Model-1..


Switching between the patches, I thought having set up this way, should yield, the Acoustic patch having the Helix change the setting on the Variax to the acoustic model... and then switching to the "Police" patch, having the Helix change the setting on the Variax to the Tele model..


But when I change patchs from the Acoustic to the Police, it doesn't change the guitar model on the Variax.. (oh, and I'm using a VDI cable from the Helix LT to the Variax Standard.


What am I doing wrong?

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Your settings seem correct so I don't know offhand what's wrong. Here are a few things I would try to start identifying the issue. If one of these steps resolves the issue there is no need to continue with the further steps.


- make sure your presets are saved as you describe them.

- make sure the Modelling is engaged on the Variax; push the knob down so the modelling light is on. This should only need to be done once immediately after startup.

- turn Helix off, disconnect the VDI cable at both ends, turn Helix on, reconnect the cable.

- test the cable by using a standard Ethernet cable as a temporary test. Long term, make sure you are using an actual VDI cable (shielded at both ends) rather than the cable that came with your Variax.

- reinstall the Variax firmware

- reinstall the Helix firmware


If all those steps fail to resolve the problem open a support ticket.

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Are you on the latest firmware for your Variax?  Not sure what is going on here because you seem to have everything set properly.


A couple of things to try although even if they work they don't necessarily explain why you are encountering this problem:

  1. Sorry to include this point #1 because this stuff is dead obvious so you can probably ignore it but for the sake of being thorough... I know you clearly indicated in your post that you have 'Variax Settings' = 'Per Preset' selected but if you haven't already double checked it this is the most common cause for the Variax not switching models properly from the Helix. Also, just in case you have more than one preset for your "Police" sound make sure you are switching to the right one. Make sure your Variax cable is seated properly both on the Helix and the Variax and as Silverhead suggested try testing a standard Ethernet cable for the duration of your test. Again, my apologies for covering the obvious.
  2. Assign the 'Preset Variax Model' in the Input block to snapshots, it should show a pair of brackets around the setting. Now select a couple of different models in different snapshots, make sure you save, and test if the models switch properly when you change snapshots. View the input block while you are changing snapshots to make sure the models are changing properly on the Helix.
  3. Try changing the 'Preset Variax Lock Control' = "Pickup Select" on the Input block and see if that makes a difference.
  4. Try changing the position of the pickup switch and the model selector knob on the Variax. Maybe one of them is failing and interfering with the Helix when set in a certain position.
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So I started over from scratch... I used Line6Monkey to update all the softwares including the Variax Standard.. plugged the guitar into the Helix LT with the cable that came with the guitar. And it works, patches are changing the guitar model as intended.. If I go to the Variax setting on the Helix LT and start moving the toggle switch on the guitar, I can see the model change on the Helix, so they are communicating.. so that's good news...


Then I decided to turn everything off, unplug the supplied cable, and then plugged in a Line 6 VDI and sure enough, back to the same problem as before. No model changes..


Now I'm back to the VDI cable. What could be causing that? Is it really a faulty VDI? They're not cheap, I don't want to pluck down another $40, if I'm just going to have the same issue...

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