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Connect extension CAB to DT25 or DT50 COMBO


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I have a DT25 combo and a DT50 112 combo,

Because of the speker is only 1 for DT25 and DT50, I want to know if it's possible to add LINE 6 extension cab to my combo amps


for example, can I connect line 6 DT 50 extension cab (with the 4 celstion speakers) to my DT 50 112 combo? 

or it's possible to connect the DT 50 extension cab to my DT25 combo?




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Actually, you can do all of what you wrote. I have a DT50112 and DT25 head/cab.


The DT50 comes with an 8 ohm Vintage 30. The DT50 412 is an 8 ohm cabinet. You can run the internal speaker and 412 on the 4 ohm tap...However, keep in mind that the DT50 internal speaker will get 50% of the power and might be too loud compared to the 412, but you can do it.


You can also do the same thing with DT25...same issue that the internal speaker will not be equal volume with the cab...cone volume would be a lot closer if your internal speakers were 16 ohm...

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I don't understand when you said: "keep in mind that the DT50 internal speaker will get 50% of the power and might be too loud compared to the 412 "

you mean it's better to disconnect the DT50 speaker and connect only the 412?

or it's better to buy a DT25 cab extension to add to the DT50 12 combo?

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I am sorry I did not explain this well for you.


The DT25 cab is a little small for using with the DT50 112 aesthetically...You certainly could do that, but it is not the same width as the DT50112 combo...just looks a bit mismatched. 


The load impedance of a speaker (or multiple speakers combined) determines how much power it gets...If you combine the DT50 8 ohm 412 cab with the single 8 ohm speaker in the combo, the power that the 412 sees is 50% and the power the internal speaker sees is 50%....The 412 is loaded with 8 ohm speakers...In this situation each speaker in the 412 will see about 6 watts of power...The combo speaker will see 25 watts...That is basically about a +6 db difference that would make the combo speaker stick out IMO.


My suggestion is to run the 412 with the DT50112. However, I would suggest reloading the DT50 combo with a 16 ohm speaker...If you run that in parallel with the 412 cab, the load with be about 5.3 ohms which fine on the 4 ohm or 8 ohm tap...More importantly, the division of power will be a little bit better where the internal will see about 10 watts and the cab will see the remaining 40...That's close to 10 watts per speaker and if the SPL rating of the speakers is about the same, the resulting volume level for each speaker will be fairly well balanced.


Just an FYI, I have been running my DT50 112 at 5.3 ohms since I got it way back when. I reloaded my DT50 with a 16 ohm Jenson Jet Tornado(NEO) and run a tandem 212 cabinet that is loaded with 16 ohm speakers. I have been running 112 combos with 212 cabinets for a long time. I prefer it because 412s are just too big for me now...

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