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Can I play in a HD500X just with headphones?


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I have recently moved to another country, and I don't have my music equipment with me. I was thinking to buy JUST a guitar + headphones + hd500x. That's all. I have red that you can put some options like "studio mode" and "line" instead of amp. I will buy an AKG (akg k271 mk ii). Do I must to have anything else? I dont have computer or laptop, I know should be fine to have one to load presets, but is not mandatory.


So can I play with just that 3 things???



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I've been using Beyerdynamic DT990's (600ohm) and sometimes and old set of Bose AE headphones with good results of course it's all personal taste. I also use Studio Direct mode on the pod most of the time. 

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The LINE/AMP option switch affects only the level of the standard 1/4" jack outputs, and nothing else like headphones, XLR etc.


for headphones listening and direct recording through USB, the Studio/Direct output mode is the way to go, as already said above by BillBee..


regarding the headphones choice, I can share what has been my experience with AKG,

time ago I tried for a few days the k271 mkII but I didn't really like them, probably they give a really too flat response to be any pleasant when monitoring a guitar amp modeler through headphones..


so I ordered and still use the k240 mkII, which for the same purpose surely give for my taste a more pleasant tone than the aforementioned ones..


to be honest I bought the k240 mkII because previously I had an older model called k240 Studio Monitor which had a very high impedance, IIRC around 600 ohms.. and they have been my absolute favorite, now the new mkII (low impedance) are not bad at all, but the old Studio Monitor were a true pleasure, just they needed the master volume on full to get a good volume level.. generally high impedance headphone need more volume compared to the low impedance ones to get the same level..


(and now that I think about it, could be also that the POD D/A converters work better when the master volume is about on full, which fact could also account for the improved quality of the signal, monitored through high impedance cans which can handle that level)..


next headphones I'll buy will be high impedance for sure. from 250 ohms upward.. . they never distort and give a much warmer tone..


truth is that even with the flattest response headphones, the live tone in a enviroment will be always different, so why suffering with the most unforgiving cans in the world?..


just my opinion, of course


That's very useful info, thanks.

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Thanks, how is the expirence with a 600ohm an hd500x?


Do you need to turn a lot your volumen?

Maybe Im going for the DT990

I really like the 990's and I turn the pods master to max when I practice with those phones. The 990's are really comfortable and they're open backed. I got them as a gift some years back and really like them.


The lower ohm DTs are probably pretty good too.


The Bose AE are good too and sound great but the DTs just feel good cause they have a lot of room for my ears to breathe.

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