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Can The Jtv Change Patches On The Hd500?

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I just wanted to make sure I haven't missed how to do this.


I love changing presets on the HD500 and it simultaneously switching the guitar model, pickup position, tuning, and knob placements on my JTV.  Awesome!


But I would love the ability to set up my custom banks on the JTV to change presets on the HD500!  Change from a 12 string acoustic to Spank with Vibe,  to a Lester roaring thru a Brit amp,  just by changing my 5-way selector.  


Is this possible?


Thanks for help,


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I posted that same request recently on the idea site. Please go like my post and maybe we can get somewhere with this idea.


Great minds think alike!  ;)


I'm still waiting for my ideascale approval, then I'll like your post.


I would really love this!

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The whole concept of sending midi from a guitar to the POD is very cool and powerful. I hope they expand on it in the future. Your idea is a great one. I also would like to use the tone knob to control other devices besides POD. Right now you can assign parameters in the POD to the volume or tone knobs.  I want to control an Axe FX, Mobius, Timeline or any other device.

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