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Got my Helix, now what,lol


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There are five stages of Helix.


Denial: "I can't believe it sounds this bad. All the videos make it sound awesome".


Anger: "WTF? I just paid $1500 for a frickin POD XT. I want to smash this POS. "


Bargaining: "Maybe if I give Glen Delaune $150 I can make this thing work. If I can just figure out what Sag is, maybe I'll like the tone".


Depression: "I hate my tone. Nothing works. Upgrade failed. The IR manager sucks. My Pedal squeaks. I'll never get this thing to sound right. I hate Line 6. "


Acceptance: "Too late to return this thing now. I'll try the Ownhammer IRs and actually read the advice on the forums. Hey, this thing sounds pretty good. Everything will be ok. "

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I just got my new Helix and I have an eleven rack. Is it possible to correlate the 2 as one or is the Helix a stand alone unit? Thanks

There's no point in trying to integrate the two. Daisy-chaining two modelers together is redundant and pointless. There's nothing that the Eleven Rack does that Helix won't do better anyway.

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If there is a tone or tones in the 11R you like that you can't replicate in the Helix, you can run the 11R in 4cm and if it has MIDI, control it with the Helix as well.  But I'd imagine you can make better tones with the Helix. You can also combine the 11R tones with one or more Helix amps. I run a Kemper in the loop of my Helix and blend the amps from both.  Works pretty well.

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