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Helix sound goes dead then loud pop, plugged into powered monitor


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I have a new Helix LT. I play in a church worship band.  After playing with it at home creating patches, etc I brought it to our rehearsal night to try out.

My current rig is a POD HD500X plugged into a Behringer powered monitor, with an XLR out of the monitor to the house. I have a couple pedals in front. Everything is plugged into the same power strip.  I've been using this setup for a couple of years.

So Thursday I swapped out the HD500X for the Helix.  For about 5 minutes, everything is fine.  Then the sound went dead. I wiggled chords. When I unplugged the output (1/4 out L/Mono) from the monitor, there was a huge pop.  Plugged it back in, another pop. Turned off the Helix, pop again.  Turned on the Helix, another loud pop, still no sound. So I swapped the HD500X back in and hoped I hadn't damaged the Helix.


When I get it home, it works perfectly fine with the 1/4 L/Mono out into the Effects send of my tube amp.  No apparent damage.


Any ideas?  I bought this thing to use at the church,  with plans to sell the HD500X to help pay for it. 

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Very mysterious.  The only thing I can think of given the circumstances is there may be some overload situation being caused inside the Behringer by the daisy chaining of the signal going from the Helix into the Behringer then from the Behringer into the board.  First thing I'd try is going to the Behringer via the 1/4 out and separately to the board direct from the Helix XLR out.  I think that's the more typical arrangement most of us use.  See if that makes any difference.

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with an XLR out of the monitor to the house. 



Try it at church without plugging into the house feed. Do you have sound thru the monitor then? 

As for the pop, Does the house feed have Phantom power turn on, on that channel?

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FYI, using the XLR out directly from the Helix LT to the house solved my problem.  

You can also set your main volume knob to control just your monitor and not effect the direct out to house, which is quite handy. 


I always go direct to the house via XLR so there is nothing in between to go wrong. 

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