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Variax/Helix - Acoustic Models Setup

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Greetings!  Over the past three weeks, I've dived head first into the Line 6 pool by first selling off my analog pedalboard to get a Helix, and then picking up a Variax Standard this week.  I'm absolutely loving the features and flexibility of the Helix (Not to mention the quality of sound I'm getting from the unit).  


The Variax arrived yesterday afternoon, and I spent the rest of the day/evening/night checking out the models and features.  After initial run through, did the standard new guitar routine -- Tighten the tuning machines, snug up all screws, check relief.  Changed strings to 11s and tweaked saddle height to minimize fret buzz based on all the other threads that discuss this issue.  Pretty happy with setup now.  I can see this being a very powerful musical tool!


My question is on the acoustic instrument modeling -- Specifically the six string acoustic guitar models.  In working on a setup with the Helix, I'm getting close to what I want to hear from these models, but am having difficulty getting the final tweaks set right.  For the time being, I'm focusing on the J200 for strumming and the 0-18 for fingerstyle.  


In adjusting the Mic position (Tone Control), if it's set too close the tone is boomy.  When pulled away to reduce boom, I start hearing a lot of "Room Reflection" as the tone gets thinner and less realistic.  To compensate, I've going for the bassier setting, then dropping a 10 band EQ in line after a little light compression and trying to pull back the lows (60/125/250 Hz), and the high freqs while pushing up the mids a bit to reduce the hollowness.  I've dropped a little plate reverb in after the EQ.  


This combination seems to work okay, but I'm wondering if anyone here has other suggestions to further improve the acoustic tone?


Thanks in advance!



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I have the JTV-59.  But I think the guts are the same so I'll offer my experience.  I think you can get the best sound by bypassing outboard effects (except maybe slight compression) and going DI into a mixer.  Of course, my other secret is to use .011" strings with a wound G.  Makes a big difference.

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