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Variax Workbench for windows 10

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Hi I have a new JTV59, love it.  anyway I'm on windows 10 and have worked out the newest software download is for windows 8.  Don't mind if it works.  It doesn't look like the software on the video demo so probably newer on works on mac?  Anyway I think I have worked out how to use it.  My JTV59 is connected via usb interface and showing as connected on the software.  When I press the sync button the connection with the guitar breaks.  I get a message saying power the guitar up (which is its) and press the refresh button, but if I do that it wipes my changes and everything's back to standard.  Bit stuck, has anyone come across this?       

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I solved it. Paperwork I got with the guitar referred me to variax workbench.  Newest version of that is for windows 8.  For anyone dozy enought to get stuck like me it's workbench HD you need. That is for windows 10

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