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Patch 26b NU Classic


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Wondering if anyone else has this happening with this pre set patch. The plastichorus does not show up in the editor, either in the block or the modulation menu. It does show up on the rack and foot controller.

It sounds like your firmware and Editor versions may be mismatched, with your Editor version being older than your firmware version. Go to the menu in the Editor and select Help --> 'About Helix' to check your Editor version. The Editor should read 2.20 or 2.21. I believe the Plastichorus was introduced in the 2.20 firmware so you should at least have that version of firmware on your Helix rack if you can see that effect in the menu. Depending on whether you have the 2.20 firmware or 2.21 make sure you download and install the matching version of the "Helix" app. This will install the version of the Editor, Updater, and driver that match your firmware. This should allow you to see the Plastichorus in the Editor. It will also ensure you are backing things up with the correct version; this is very important for your next firmware upgrade if you want to have your backups restore properly to the next firmware version.

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Thank you HO, somehow i got the wrong editor when i flashed the last time.


Glad it worked out for you. I think L6 is working on streamlining the upgrade process but until then these are the steps many users execute:

  1. Read the release notes for the latest firmware version and "Helix" app and follow the directions closely.
  2. Back up your bundle, setlists, presets, and IRs with the version of the Editor that matches your firmware (usually the same revision number).
  3. Take a screenshot of your IR placement if you do not use the prefix numbering system. Take note of your global settings.
  4. Download and install the latest Helix app (Editor, Updater, and driver).
  5. Use the latest Updater version you just installed to upgrade your firmware
  6. IMPORTANT: Do the global reset combination for your version of the Helix (Helix, Rack, LT, etc.). This will overwrite all of your setlists with blank presets and overwrite the "Factory" setlists and Templates setlist with the latest and greatest from the current firmware. It is a necessary and reccommended procedure by Line6.
  7. Restore your setlists/presets and restore your IRs to the same locations they occupied in the previous firmware version.
  8. Restart your Helix again at least once to allow the final rebuild of your presets.
  9. Check under Help --> 'About Helix' in the Editor menu to make sure you have the correct version of the Editor that matches your new firmware version (displayed on the Helix). Sometimes you need to uninstall the old version of the Editor before you run the "Helix" application or the new Editor version does not install properly.
  10. Back everything up again with your new firmware version and Editor. Don't overwrite your backups from the previous firmware version. They don't take up much room and you will need them if you have to rollback for any reason or want to do something like retrieve an old factory preset.
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